Should You Have a Viewing Before a Funeral?


When you're making funeral arrangements, your funeral director at a place like Lee Adam Funeral Services may ask if you want to arrange a viewing of the body before the service. Although you decide whether to have a viewing or not, it's worth spending a little time thinking over the pros and cons before you make a decision. The Advantages and Disadvantages for Mourners Allowing friends and family to say goodbye to the person who has died is often a useful part of the grieving process.

19 October 2015

Two Ways To Be Involved In Family Funerals When You Cannot Personally Attend


Living overseas away from your family can be hard at times, but it is at its hardest when a loved one passes away in your home country. Timing and finances may dictate you just do not have the resources to return to your homeland to attend the funeral, so how can you pay your respects to the deceased when you are so far away? Here are two ways you can be involved in the funeral when you cannot personally be there.

8 October 2015

Choosing a Suitable Funeral Director


When you're dealing with grief, arranging a funeral can be an overwhelming experience. Funeral directors will take the burden off your shoulders by coordinating the logistics and providing guidance. From registering the death to planning the memorial, they will ensure every step of the service is accounted for. Hiring a funeral director isn't a necessity, but it will certainly make the process easier.  Use AFDA Member Firms The Australian Funeral Directors Association (AFDA) is a governing body that was formed in 1935 and has member firms in every state and territory.

6 October 2015

Dying Peacefully: Five Ways Death Midwives Can Help You or Your Dying Loved One


A death midwife ushers an individual into death, much like a midwife ushers a new baby through birth. Death midwives also work with the family, helping them through the process, and they can advocate for the family with a funeral director. Here are five ways death midwives can help if you or a loved one is dying: 1. Creating peace and resolution Like hospice workers, death midwives meet with their patients or clients during their illnesses and as they are dying.

23 September 2015