Five Ways To Select Appropriate Flowers And Offerings For Asian Funerals


When helping families plan Asian funerals, one of the most culturally significant elements to get right is the selection of meaningful flowers and offerings. Different Asian cultures have their own traditional funeral flowers and offerings that convey deep symbolism and pay respect to the deceased. 1. Picking Appropriate Flowers For Asian Funerals Flowers play a profound role in Asian funeral traditions. White flowers like lilies symbolise the purity of the soul passing to the afterlife in many Asian cultures.

31 August 2023

Asian Funerals: 5 Traditions


Funerals are a time to mourn, remember, and honour the life of a person who has passed away. In Asian cultures, funerals are steeped in tradition and cultural practices that reflect the deep respect and reverence for the deceased. Here are five traditions commonly observed in Asian funerals. Scroll down to find out more. White Clothing In many Asian cultures, white is the colour of mourning and is worn by family members and close relatives of the deceased during the funeral.

20 April 2023