Five Ways To Select Appropriate Flowers And Offerings For Asian Funerals


When helping families plan Asian funerals, one of the most culturally significant elements to get right is the selection of meaningful flowers and offerings. Different Asian cultures have their own traditional funeral flowers and offerings that convey deep symbolism and pay respect to the deceased.

1. Picking Appropriate Flowers For Asian Funerals

Flowers play a profound role in Asian funeral traditions. White flowers like lilies symbolise the purity of the soul passing to the afterlife in many Asian cultures. Chrysanthemums represent lamentation and grief. Plum blossom conveys perseverance and hope. Wisteria suggests a long life. When preparing flowers for Asian funerals, families should consult with funeral homes on colours and blooms that align with their culture.

2. Giving Tribute With Fruit Offerings

Fruit platters or baskets are common offerings at Asian funerals. Pomelos, oranges and apples represent blessings and prosperity. Bananas indicate mourning and humility. Lemons suggest purification and protection on the soul's journey. Durian is offered as a treat for the deceased. Presenting carefully chosen fruits shows respect in accordance with Asian traditions.

3. Burning Incense For Spiritual Offerings

Burning incense is an essential spiritual offering at Asian funerals. Sandalwood incense carries prayers to heaven. Jasmine incense represents kindness. Rose incense symbolises tranquillity. Olibanum incense is thought to guide and protect souls. Funeral homes are able to provide a selection of incense for Asian funeral ceremonies.

4. Laying Out Special Food Offerings

In many Asian cultures, placing a deceased person's favourite foods on the altar is an important funeral custom. This nourishes the soul and shows thoughtful remembrance. Funeral homes can partner with caterers to provide special food offerings like dumplings, congee rice, roasted meats and sweets at Asian funerals. This allows each family to honour their loved one through personally meaningful food offerings.

5. Observing Traditions With Paper Tributes

Funerary objects made of paper or cardboard play a significant role in Asian funeral rites. Funeral homes can offer paper replicas of items like clothes, money, appliances and houses to be burned for the afterlife. They also can provide traditional papier-mâché objects like horses and servants. These tributes observe funeral customs stemming back centuries.

When planning floral arrangements, spiritual offerings and other meaningful tributes for Asian funerals, families should consult with funeral homes. Experienced funeral home staff can help craft services that align with cultural traditions and properly honour the deceased. They handle preparatory tasks so the bereaved can focus on paying their respects.


31 August 2023

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