Why Granite Is the Material of Choice for a Memorial Monument


If you've just lost somebody close to you, then you may be making arrangements for their burial and want to come up with a monument as a fitting and lasting tribute. You have several options available to you, but you should always consider granite as the material of choice for such a situation. Why is this? Naturally Perfect Granite was initially formed from cooling magma and has been lying beneath the Earth's surface for thousands of years.

30 May 2019

How to Plan Your Funeral


Since death is unavoidable, it is best that you let your final wishes known before you die. While you may put this in writing, most family members will gladly respect your last wishes. Below are some of the things you should let your family know.  Burial method.  How would you like your family to dispose of your body once you die? Many people choose a ground burial or cremation. However, you may decide to be mummified or buried at sea.

22 February 2019

These traits will tell you if you have hired a reliable funeral director


Losing a loved one is a harrowing and challenging ordeal for anyone. Notably, in the midst of the pain that you may be experiencing during the period of mourning, there is the need to ensure that funeral arrangements for the departed are in order. Even so, it is imperative that you do not exert yourself too much, especially emotionally. Therefore, instead of grappling with the stress concerned with planning a funeral, you should consider hiring a funeral director.

26 September 2018

5 Factors to Consider When Selecting Memorials


It can be hard to decide what memorial will be suitable for a loved one who has passed on if you have never chosen a memorial before. This article discusses some of the factors which can ease this selection process after you have lost a loved one. The Deceased's Personality A good starting point when you are selecting a memorial is the personality and life of the deceased person. Did that person have any specific things that he or she cherished?

3 April 2018

Restoring a Family Burial Plot: A Beginner's Guide


Many Australian families have burial plots which are used over the course of many decades to bury members of the same family. Because of their age, family plots can often fall into disrepair. If you have recently lost a loved one and wish to have them buried in a family plot, you may be considering having restoration work carried out to the headstone and surrounding area before the funeral goes ahead.

3 November 2017

What to Do When a Teenager Refuses to Attend a Funeral


Funerals are an important opportunity for family members to say goodbye to a loved one, but attending one can be a daunting prospect for a teenager, particularly if it's their first experience of losing someone close to them. If your teen doesn't want to attend a relative's funeral, here are some things you can do to handle the situation. Should Teenagers Be Forced to Attend Funerals? It is never a good idea to force a teenager to attend a funeral.

22 July 2016

Should You Have a Viewing Before a Funeral?


When you're making funeral arrangements, your funeral director at a place like Lee Adam Funeral Services may ask if you want to arrange a viewing of the body before the service. Although you decide whether to have a viewing or not, it's worth spending a little time thinking over the pros and cons before you make a decision. The Advantages and Disadvantages for Mourners Allowing friends and family to say goodbye to the person who has died is often a useful part of the grieving process.

19 October 2015