5 Factors to Consider When Selecting Memorials


It can be hard to decide what memorial will be suitable for a loved one who has passed on if you have never chosen a memorial before. This article discusses some of the factors which can ease this selection process after you have lost a loved one.

The Deceased's Personality

A good starting point when you are selecting a memorial is the personality and life of the deceased person. Did that person have any specific things that he or she cherished? Those favourites can give you some ideas about what kind of memorial to choose. For example, a simple memorial for a nature lover would be a memorial garden.

Religion and Culture

You should also be mindful about the religion or culture of the deceased person when you are selecting a memorial. Avoid selecting a memorial which would be considered inappropriate on those grounds. For example, don't select a poem for inclusion in the memorial in case the contents of that poem poke fun at the religion to which the deceased person subscribed.

Your Budget

Memorials cost money whether you want to construct a building or commission a sculpture. Assess the resources which you have at your disposal before you decide on an appropriate memorial for the deceased person. Avoid exceeding your budget because you may end up adding stress over finances to the grief of losing a loved one. For example, opt for a natural stone statue instead of one made from bronze in case resources aren't sufficient for the pricier material.

Intended Viewers

Think about the people who may want to view that memorial as you select the most appropriate option. For example, a virtual (online) memorial may be a better choice in case that deceased person had admirers or people who looked up to him or her from different parts of the world.

Maintenance Costs

Consider the long-term cost of maintaining the memorial once it has been completed. Opt for a memorial which will not be too expensive to maintain. Otherwise, the memorial may degrade rapidly due to insufficient care as the years go by. Such deterioration can be painful for the people who treasured the person for whom the memorial was made.

Don't rush the process of selecting memorials. Get ideas from as many sources, such as funeral home directors, as you can before you make a final decision. You can also consider having different memorials, such as a tangible one and a virtual one.


3 April 2018

Tips for Writing and Organising Meaningful Funerals

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