Essential Grave and Tombstone Maintenance Tips


After a burial takes place, you can place a gravestone at the site. Doing so is one of the ways you can commemorate your loved one. When you put time and effort into choosing a tombstone, you'll want to keep the grave area tidy. Here are some tips that should make your life easier.

Identify Who is Responsible

When you bury someone, it's worth identifying who's responsible for various tasks. Some graveyard owners and churches agree that they will mow the grass periodically. Many will also stipulate what your maintenance responsibilities are, as well as any restrictions you need to follow. Familiarising yourself with these rules will make your maintenance efforts easier.

Cut the Grass According to Season

Although you don't need to trim the grass surrounding a grave as often as you mow your lawn at home, you should maintain some regularity. Doing so prevents overgrowth, which may make you feel more relaxed when you visit the graveside. Try cutting the grass according to the season. This means you may not need to cut it as often during the autumn and winter as you will during the spring and summer.

Consider Plants Over Flowers

People often place flowers at their loved one's gravesite as a means of commemorating them. However, flowers can soon wither and die, which means you may find yourself replacing them more often than you would like. If you want to enjoy a longlasting alternative, try choosing a plant that can withstand the weather. Rosemary and lavender often act as excellent choices, as they require very little maintenance in exchange for their beautiful aesthetic.

Think About Cleaning the Tombstone

Not everyone wants to clean their loved one's tombstone. Some see the lichen growth that appears as part of the passage of time following a death. However, if you'd rather avoid this, ask the tombstone manufacturer about appropriate algae prevention sprays. Avoid those that are everyday commercial products, as they may damage the stone. When you clean the tombstone in other ways, use a soft cloth and warm water. Adding a little dish detergent is appropriate, but avoid using coarse scouring cloths. 

Realistically, gravesite maintenance doesn't require much effort. If you regularly visit someone's grave, you may take comfort in knowing that it is in a neat and tidy state. If other people visit the gravesite regularly too, consider asking them if they'll share the work with you.


23 October 2019

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