What to Know about Upgrading Your Monument Headstone


Monument headstones may be an item that was listed when you began your funeral pre-planning with your local funeral home. When you first chose a pre-planned or pre-paid package, you may have decided to opt for the headstone that was included in the package. What you may not have known is that you can upgrade that headstone, and in most cases, pay for just the difference for the headstone upgrade. Here is what you need to know about that type of upgrade.

Material Upgrades

There are several types of upgrades you can get for monument headstones that may be part of a pre-planning funeral package. One of the types of upgrades deals with the materials used. You can choose from granite, marble, sandstone, and fieldstone. Each of these materials gives you a different durability. You also receive a different type of finished look, engraving look, and colour. Depending on the company that handles the monuments for the funeral home, you may have more options available to you. 

Fees for Upgrades

There is a misconception that if you choose to upgrade a headstone or other portion of the funeral pre-planned package, the fees will be tacked on to the outstanding balance of the payment due. The fees for any monument headstone upgrades you make and payment of those fees are generally due at the time of the upgrade. If you have already purchased the package and paid for that package in full, you will also need to pay at the time of the upgrade request. If you plan on making several upgrades then you may be able to finance the monument upgrade as part of the other upgrades.

Engraving Options

When you choose to upgrade the monument headstone included in your funeral pre-planning package you may have to change your engraving as well. Some engraving can only be done on specific materials. For example, you may have chosen a standard granite headstone with standard engraving. If you upgrade to a sandstone or marble headstone, that engraving may need to change slightly to give the same look you wanted on the original headstone. Any fees for this change will likely be due at the time of order along with the monument upgrade. 

If you are pre-planning yours or another loved one's funeral, then you may want to ask about upgrading your current pre-planned package. During your appointment you can discuss the options the monument headstone provider your funeral home uses has available. This can give you a wider range of ideas for the type of moment headstones you may want to consider.

For more information, contact a monument headstone service.


25 November 2020

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