Three Reasons That Cremation Can Be More Convenient Than Burial


Choosing between cremation and burial for a loved one can be a really difficult choice, especially if you aren't sure of their wishes. This article aims to explain three of the benefits of cremation over burial, from the flexibility to the cost.

Easily Transport Your Loved One's Ashes

Burial is a beautiful, meaningful option if your loved one and their family have a long history in one place, but this isn't always the case. Perhaps you're planning to move, and the idea of leaving your loved one's grave behind upsets you, or perhaps they were a big traveller and the idea of them being in one place seems strange. Whatever the case, cremation means you can keep their ashes with you wherever you go, even if you move across the country. It also means that relatives don't have to come a long way to visit a grave, as ashes can easily be split. If your loved one was not deeply rooted in their community, or if your family move a lot, cremation gives extra flexibility.

Give Yourself Extra Time to Make Decisions

When you have a loved one buried, you only have a few days to choose where they will rest forever. If this prospect feels daunting to you, cremation might be the ideal solution. It gives you time to reflect, mourn, and discuss your options with your family before deciding what to do with the ashes. You might decide to keep them at home, scatter them in your loved one's favourite place, or even get them made into art or jewellery. Whatever you choose, cremation ensures that you won't have to rush your choice so you can really take your time on it.

Save Money on Your Loved One's Funeral

Planning a funeral isn't all about money, but it's natural to want to save some money. This is especially true if your loved one didn't believe in elaborate funerals. Cremations in Australia typically cost less than burials, and even though there are specific cremation fees, you will typically save hundreds or even thousands of dollars by choosing cremation. You can speak to your funeral director about costs and get a breakdown of all the fees and items, which will help you to make the best decision. Choosing cremation may also leave you more money to spend on the rest of the funeral or on something else that will help you to remember your loved one.

If you're interested in transporting your loved one's ashes if you move, giving yourself some extra time to make big decisions, or simply saving some money, cremation might be the perfect option for you. Speak to your funeral director to discuss your options and make the right choice for you.


30 November 2021

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