Two suggestions for those who need to order headstones


Here are some suggestions to keep in mind if you need to order a headstone.

Consult the deceased's close friends and immediate family members about the inscription

Most headstones feature inscriptions. The selection of this inscription is an important decision and one that funeral home staff advise their clients to make very carefully. Even if you are the one who will be ordering and paying for this headstone, it is still sensible to consult the close friends and immediate family members of the deceased before finalising the inscription.

The reason for this is that this headstone and its inscription will remain on the grave indefinitely and so, if you choose words that a family member or close friend of the deceased dislikes or finds unsuitable, or if you fail to include some text that they feel is important, you could end up falling out with them or they might insist that you have it changed. Altering a headstone's inscription after it is already being constructed or after it has been laid on top of a grave can be complicated as well as expensive, so it's best to ensure you get it right the first time you design it.

On a more positive note, consulting the deceased's other family members or friends, each of whom had their own unique relationship and experiences with the deceased, could also provide you with inspiration that might lead to choosing a more unique or personal inscription for the headstone that reflects the values and personality of the deceased more than the generic one you may have been considering originally.

Consider the size of the grave plot

When ordering the headstone, you should factor in the size of the grave plot. For example, if you've bought a large grave plot, the funeral home staff who have arranged the funeral may suggest that you opt for an ornate and large headstone, that will be both in proportion with the plot in which it's placed and will also have the type of grandeur that befits a bigger plot. If the plot in which the deceased is buried or will be buried is small, however, a large and lavish headstone might look out of place, both in regards to its design and size.

Because this is an important factor, you should ensure that you take the grave plot's dimensions before deciding on the size of the headstone. When taking the measurements, you should take into account any barrier (such as a wrought iron railing) you plan to have built around the perimeters of the plot, as this may slightly reduce the amount of open space that's available on the plot for the headstone.

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29 March 2022

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